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A world of Digital Media at your fingertips

One Clique Media is one of the leaders in the digital content delivery marketplace. Our clients know they can rely on Digital Reward Platform as their central hub for managing, monetizing, and syndicating Music, eBooks and Audio Books.

Powered by the innovative Digital Reward Platform, OCM provides unmatched versatility for designing and supporting a worldwide digital content delivery platform for mobile, and smart devices.

OCM’s Digital Reward Platform moves seamlessly across your Music, eBooks and Audio Books. Enjoy your media on popular applications and devices including computers, tablets, smart phones and more.


Acquire Customers
Customize our platform to meet the specific needs of your business including card on file integration, single sign-on, catalogue focus, and user interface.


Reinforce Branding
Make sure your brand, not your competitor’s, is front and center each and every time your customers go to buy and access digital content on your devices.


Generate Revenue
Generate recurring revenue streams by selling digital content from a comprehensive catalogue of eBooks and Audio Books from today’s top publishers.


Engage Customers
Turn one-time device purchases into lasting relationships in the same way Apple, Google and Amazon utilize content sales to own customer engagement.

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